Day Log: Days 34-38

Happy Halloween!! This is my favorite time of year! In my family, this holiday is almost as big as Christmas. Well, it used to be anyway. My family, as some of you might recall, is not as close anymore. But I still celebrate it, and that’s important to me. I know I’ve been quiet for […]

Day Log: Day 33

Man. Today wasn’t great. I overslept by three hours so I was an hour and a half late to work. They kicked my piece back for a dumb note, and when I asked my boss to explain what they thought was wrong with it, I got a huge eye roll. I just want to be […]

Day Log: Day 32

Overtimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Well. Maybe not anymore. My evil project from hell got sent today (yay!!) and supposedly this is our last week of overtime, but we’ll see. I personally don’t believe it. Today’s biggest challenge for me was my cover letter for my job application. It’s taken me two days to write. It’s clearly a self-confidence […]

Day Log: Days 24-31

Welcome back, friends! And happy month to me. I know, another long absence. I am really hoping that will be my last one for a while. Where did we leave off? Wow, it’s been a week. Might be my longest absence. Last week was lots of overtime. I had this past Monday and Tuesday off, […]

Day Log: Days 19-23

I feel very…alive Probably because it’s really cold out, and I’ve been biking to work. Who needs coffee when you have freezing cold wind hitting your face? I do. I need coffee. I’m cold. But I don’t regret it. I didn’t see much of a point posting over the weekend. Saturday I went thrift shopping […]

Day Log: Days 13-18

Hey followers! I am a few days behind again! I spent the weekend with my parents, and I don’t usually post when I’m with them. Tuesday I left work with a migraine, so I made a blanket fort and slept. Yesterday I ended up working late again. Yesterday, I was anxious. There are a few things […]

Day Log: Days 11 & 12

So I owe you guys some stories! I meant to post yesterday. Yesterday was quite a busy day. Thursday is the weekly project deadline for me, so I ended up staying pretty late at work. Afterwards, I had to finish making a blanket for my dad, and pack to go home; this meant waiting for […]